I would welcome any chance to make a speech about public education, at my own expense in both AB and Sask., given some decent notice.  For other places I would require some help with the expenses for travel and accommodation. Please contact me by email or through my Facebook page to book a time and place. Roberta Maclise McDonald
Amazing and shiny stats
Amazing and shiny stats
I really marvel at how people complain about how they are led around by their "leaders", yet
whenever they want something done they immediately go to some well-known politician or
bureaucrat for the answer. Education for our children can be handled by parents themselves,
or some local person who loves children and enjoys working with them. There are hundreds of
books on what constitutes a good education, curriculum books for the younger ones,
computer programs for the older ones, distance learning sites, library resources, and local
people who would love to teach your child in a small setting if only they could get paid for this
same service, and not an exorbitant amount either. Did I say "same"? I mean far superior
In Canada, we are all educated to the extent we can teach our children the basics, but many are too busy, too
disinterested, or too timid to do the research, so look for a good neighbor or friend to take over for your young
ones. After your child has learn to read, to write, and to do basic math, she/he can educate themselves. By
all means ..... SHUT OFF THE TV, TAKE AWAY THE I-PHONE, and make them READ. Then make sure they get at
least one hour of good exercise every day. That was the recipe for the mother of Dr. Ben Carson, who went
from an illiterate 10 year-old to a world famous brain surgeon, and now is thinking of running for the U.S.
Every bloody and brutal dictatorship in history made sure they controlled the education of certain of their youth
while forbidding most of the people any kind of an education. They knew it was the KEY to hearts and minds.
And, of course, we see it playing out in the Middle East today.
G.K. Chesterton called the family an anarchistic institution. He meant that it requires no act of the state to bring it about. Its existence flows from fixed realities in the nature of man, with its form refined by the development of sexual norms and the advance of civilization.

This observation is consistent with a brilliant discussion of the family in Ludwig von Mises’s masterwork Socialism, first published in 1922. Why did Mises address family and marriage in an economics book refuting socialism? He understood-unlike many economists today-that the opponents of the free society have a broad agenda that usually begins with an attack on this most crucial bourgeois institution. Read More...